2020… was awesome

Okay, hear me out.

2020 tested us, pushed us to our limits, and at times we thought “oh well, it can’t get much worse”… only to get much worse.

But we got through it (almost)

I might be looking a little through rose coloured glasses, I recently was offered a job which is absolutely perfect for me.

But overall, we fought, we toiled and we made it through (for most of us) the hardest year we’ve ever had to get through.

I endured six months without seeing my family, the longest I’ve ever been without seeing them. I settled for a long-distance celebration of my 30th, after planning at the start of the year to combine it into a big family reunion for extended family I hadn’t seen in five or more years. I was fired from my job. And following that, struggled mentally with a severe shortage of motivation and bouts of depression, where I would spend the whole day in bed, getting up to eat a spoonful of peanut butter, then back to bed.

But we got through it.

Without the support of partners, family and friends, this year may have been a whole lot tougher. But 2020 will be the year that brought us all closer together – even though it was the year that kept us apart.

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