Jump in thefts linked to fuel price hike

Lui Zacher
July 11, 2022 / 8:27 pm

number plate theft

Police believe record-high petrol prices could be behind an increase in numberplates being reported stolen.

Stolen numberplates are often used to commit crimes including petrol theft

Victoria Police’s “SafePL8” initative targets offenders but it offers advice on how to make your numberplate harder to steal

Police reccomend the use of one-way anti-theft screws, parking in a secure off-street location and to report stolen plates as soon as possible.

Anti-theft screws cost just a few dollars, and sometimes local police run events where they replace regular screws with the one-way screws for free.

Victoria Police said it’s a major inconvinence to have numberplates stolen

“If your number plates are stolen, apart from reporting the theft to police, you will also need to report the theft to VicRoads, pay to have new number plates issued, change your registration details, change your car insurance details and change your toll road (EastLink, CityLink) account details.”

“If you keep driving without number plates, you could be fined $144 and three demerit points.”



Image: Supplied