Magistrates’ Court sentences another St James Brawler

Lui Zacher
July 25, 2022 / 7:12 am

st james nightclub

A man caught up in a brutal brawl in Geelong’s CBD has avoided conviction

The Herald Sun reports the man faced court and pleaded guilty to assault charges stemming from the incident, which also involved his father, a security guard, and another patron.

Geelong Magistrates’ Court heard a man was ejected from the St James nightclub for being too intoxicated, the man then hurled a street sign at the security guard’s head. 

He then atttempted to flee but a member of the public reportedly held him back until the security guard arrived – the court was told the guard allegedly knocked him unconcious. 

CCTV footage, played to the court, showed the man calling his father after “coming to” around half a minute later. 

Before his father arrived, the man returned to the licenced premises and spat at the security guard. 

It was then, a second patron became involved – he faced court in May and was fined $2500.

Magistrate John Bentley spared the first man a conviction, instead opting for a good behaviour bond despite describing his conduct as “reprehensible” 

“You should have just left. Got into a taxi, (went) home. Phoned your dad and got out of there instead of going back and getting further assaulted,” Mr Bentley said.

The security guard involved in the incident is expected to front court later this month.