The Best Australian Political Lines

Round 3: Scott Morrison – Have your say on the Twitter Poll at the end of the page – but first, take a listen to the quotes.

The first quote is from May 13, 2022, just weeks out from the Federal Election where the Coalition was on track for a landslide loss thanks to the image of the then-Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The admission came in a factory in the seat of Chisolm, an ultra marginal seat held by Morrison supporter, Liberal Gladys Liu. Morrison seemingly admitting he knew all along he was abrasive, but he “gets things done”

The second quote is from August 22, 2018, just two days before Scott Morrison rolled Malcolm Turnbull – the pair fronted the media at Parliament House, where Morrison declared “This is my leader, and I’m ambitious for him”

Two days later, Morrison was Prime Minister of Australia.

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