Where have you been all my life?

Or at least the last two years…

I can’t believe I’ve let this site dwindle. Okay, I kinda can, I’ve been busy. I landed a job at the end of 2020, and tackled it head-on.

Combine the workload of a new job and adjusting to an ever-changing roster and lifestyle, building a new home, COVID coverage which never ends, and of course the 2022 Federal Election, life has been hectic!

But, now that we’ve been in the house for nearly a year, the Federal Election is over, I’m settled in at work and figured out a few handy tricks on here to share my work, I’ve made a pledge to update my site regularly, with podcast stuff, articles written at work, and maybe even some behind the scenes footage of what goes on in a newsroom.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, or if you’re new here – welcome!

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