More investment needed ahead of Com Games

Lui Zacher
August 13, 2022 / 11:36 pm

geelong cranes14082022

The head of Tourisim Greater Geelong and the Bellarine says the region needs more funding and infrastructure upgrades ahead of the Commowealth Games in 2026.

Geelong is set to play a major role, Brett Ince said we need to ensure we keep visitors here after the games finish to get a good return on money already invested

The city will also host an athletes’ village which will be a boost for tourisim and accomodation¬†

Mr Ince said we want to tweak the timing of major local events around the Commonwealth Games in 2026

“How do we re-define local events through that year, and how do we ensure we keep visitors here longer to spend more and give back to the region”

The Tourisim boss said it we are already on the international radar after sights of Geelong were beamed around the globe as part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, and Geelong performer Taylor Henderson took to the stage in Birmingham

“It was really great to see Geelong being showcased throughout the whole games and the closing ceremony in terms of promotion and also the handover of the games”

Ballarat and Gippsland will also share event hosting when the games get underway.