The electricity was literally in the air at the Snake Pit

Lui Zacher
August 13, 2022 / 11:36 pm

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Anthony Cattanach caught the incredible moment that would have Channel 7 AFL commentator Brian “Bristle” Taylor bristling at the “eeeeeeelectricity in the air”

The GFL clash between Lara and St Josephs was called off late in the third quarter on Saturday due to lightning around Bisinella Oval

In a video provided to Geelong Broadcasters, you can see the moment a lightning strike hit a tree during a storm 

Rowan Smith from the Bureau of Meteorology says the storm cell was part of an intense storm cell

“(It was a) particularly punchy storm, wasn’t to the definition of a ‘severe thunderstorm’ so there was no warning issued for it but yeah, a good one nevertheless!”



Image: Anthony Cattanach