Geelong’s Active COVID cases plummet

Lui Zacher
August 21, 2022 / 10:11 pm


The number of people currently infected with COVID in Geelong is the lowest since the start of this year, the start of the Delta wave which saw nearly 1,000 daily cases.

Today, there’s 1,091 active cases in Geelong with new daily cases dropping from ranging between 350 – 650 for the last four months, to just 109 new cases on 21/08

Hospital cases in the state are also dropping with 438 Victorians currently in hospital, just 22 of those in ICU.

Geelong remains the third-most infected Local Government Area (LGA) behind Casey and Wyndham, however when adjusted on a per-capita basis, Geelong is the 16th most infected LGA.


Image: Graph of Geelong’s COVID journey. Data compiled L. Zacher