Simple request ahead of “Big Dance”

Lui Zacher
September 23, 2022 / 11:22 pm

sporting globe image grand final

If you’re one of the thousands of Cats fans hoping to celebrate like it’s 2011, Police, hospitality workers, and health professionals have a simple request:

Be safe, plan ahead, and enjoy responsibly. 

Pubs and restaurants will be looking forward to potentially their busiest day of the year as locals flock to public places to enjoy the first lockdown-free Grand Final in three years.

One pub featuring the game is the Sporting Globe in Geelong, manager Elton May says they will have the game on over fifty TV’s in the venue

“We have the big screen upstairs, and also the big screen out in the beer garden”

“We also have fifty TVs inside the venue itself, no matter where you sit you’ll see the game”

Elanor Costello from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation said it was more important than ever that people celebrate in a responsible fashion.

“If you’re supporting the Geelong team have a great night, plan ahead, space your drinks, consume plenty of water and drinks that are not alcoholic,” she advised.

“(If you) have in mind the kind of night you want to have, and focus on that, things are much less likely to get out of control.

Ms Costello said it was also important to ensure there was plenty to eat, especially for people planning on holding Grand Final parties.


Image: Sporting Globe Hotel