“An unbelievable day”

Lui Zacher
September 25, 2022 / 12:00 am

WHEN Cam Guthrie kicked a goal at the 12-minute mark of the third quarter, Geelong captain Joel Selwood knew he would become Geelong’s first four-time VFL/AFL premiership player.

After leading Sydney by 36 points at half-time, the Cats banged on four quick goals to extend the margin to 59 points, which had the skipper casting his memory back to his first flag as a 19-year-old.

“We probably had it won before then,” Selwood told K rock Football post-game.

“But, I did think back to ’07 and just remembered … to be honest, you play the games out because you remember the last bits of the game.

“I was really proud of the boys; they just kept coming at ’em, coming at ’em.

They just set this tone they’ve been playing all year.

“It would have been good to watch.”

Geelong captain Joel Selwood embraces former teammate Gary Ablett as he prepares to carry Levi Ablett through the banner. (Sports Media Image/Marcel Berens)

Selwood was able to get in on the festivities, kicking a goal at the 25-minute mark of the last quarter, after which every teammate swamped their leader.

“I was about 60 out, wasn’t I?” Selwood joked. “It was a sweet one.

“I actually really don’t know what happened.

“Little Joel Stengle just thought he’d go a right footy check and sail it right through.”


Teammates mob Geelong captain Joel Selwood after kicking a goal in Saturday’s grand final win over Sydney. (Sports Media/Marcel Berens)