Geelong Optus customers data leaked

Lui Zacher
September 26, 2022 / 10:20 pm

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Geelong Broadcasters can confirm data involving Geelong residents has been released as part of a cyber-attack on Optus.

10,000 customers’ data has been leaked online, as hackers ramp up demands for a $1m USD payment.

Geelong Broadcasters has obtained a copy of the data, and has found multiple results matching with Geelong residents.


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Steps to keep your personal identity safe:

1. Secure accounts with two-factor authentication, ideally using applications like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator 


2. Place a ban on credit applications against your name

When signing up for new accounts (e.g. mobile phone plans, internet, credit cards, third party rent-to-buy schemes like flexi-rent), providers run a “credit check” using personal information you provide. Hackers can potentially use your personal information (such as drivers licence numbers, your date of birth, address) to sign up to services in your name.

If you are unlikely to sign up for new plans, such as mobile phones, internet, consider putting a “credit report ban” which won’t allow any business to run a credit check on your name.


3. Take care on phone calls

Don’t share your personal information until you are certain who you are sharing it with. If someone calls you claiming to be from an organisation or agency, you can always hang up and call them back using their publicly listed number from their website.



4. Monitor your account transactions

Keep an eye on all transactions and immediately report any purchases or transactions you didn’t make to your financial institution 



The Australian Government has more information on what to do if you believe you may be a victim of a data breach, or identity theft.