Secession plans – residents want own suburb

Lui Zacher
September 29, 2022 / 11:40 pm

lower highton bridge 30092022

A group of Geelong residents living in Highton want to split and make its own suburb.

Daniel Senia has organised a Facebook group, petition and letterbox drop in a campaign for more than 650 properties to become a new suburb, with a proposed name of “Queens Park” 

highton queens park boundaries

Image: Left: Highton’s current borders (red dotted line), with a proposed new suburb “Queens Park” border shown in blue. Right: A closer look at where residents want to be part of a new suburb.

In a letter seen by Geelong Broadcasters, Senia claims a specific area is “geographically isolated by the Barwon River, Queens Park Golf Course & reserves and the water basins” 

670 properties included in the proposal pay some of the highest rates in the region, according to the letter, due to land size and land value

Mr Senia believes naming the area Queens Park is a “logical step” 

The area is to the east of Rivergum Drive, and north of Orana Road, bordered to the east and north by the Barwon River

To sign the petition, check out 


Main image: “Residents of Queens Park (suburb rename petition)” Facebook page

Second image: Google Maps, with a highlighted proposed border for a new suburb.