Road fatalities higher than 5-year average

Lui Zacher
January 1, 2023 / 11:01 pm

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The number of people killed on country roads in 2022 has risen compared to 2021, with 11 fatalities around Geelong and the Surf Coast.

The total was also higher than the five-year average, with 135 people killed on roads outside Metropolitan Melbourne, compared with 114 last year, and a five-year average of 131.

Victoria Police says Speeding, including driving too fast for the conditions, was the leading suspected cause of fatalities statewide.

Failing to give way, illicit drugs, alcohol and mobile phones were also common contributors police cited.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Road Policing, Justin Goldsmith said last year’s figures were impacted by COVID restrictions.

“These are not just numbers – each represents a mother, father, brother, sister, child or friend whose life has been needlessly cut short.

“Many people will be celebrating the start of the new year but our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of those who will never get the chance to see in 2023.

“The rise in motorcyclist and pedestrian fatalities over the last 12 months is especially concerning. We’re also seeing increased trauma in country areas.”


Victorian Lives Lost – 1987 to 2022 

Analysis of the lives lost provisional figures in 2022 shows:

• There were 240 lives lost – six more than 2021 (234). Five-year average is 237.

• The 240 lives lost has resulted from 238 separate fatal collisions.

• There were 236 single vehicle collisions – up from 202 in 2021.

• There were two double fatalities, no triple or quadruple fatalities.

• There were 105 lives lost on metropolitan roads – down from 114 in 2021 with a five-year average of 105.

• There were 135 lives lost on country roads, including Geelong and the Surf Coast, up from 120 in 2021 with a five-year average of 131.






• Eastern Region – 86 lives lost in 2022, compared with 64 in 2021. Five-year average is 78.

• Western Region – 69 lives lost in 2022, compared with 70 in 2021. Five-year average is 76.

• Southern Metro – 28 lives lost in 2022, compared with 52 in 2021. Five-year average is 39.

• North West Metro – 57 lives lost in 2022, compared to 48 in 2021. Five-year average is 43.


Please note: The figures released today are provisional only and subject to change as some deaths may be removed or added for a number of reasons. The Road Fatality Review Panel will meet in February 2023 before final figures for 2022 will be available.