Lorne’s CFA bolstered by additional resources

Lui Zacher
January 3, 2023 / 11:17 pm

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The Lorne CFA has boosted it’s capability during the holiday season with additional resources deployed to the township.

Around 30 extra volunteers have opted to help out the region until mid-January.

The firefighters from CFA Districts 6, 14 and 15 will help to have a crew of four firefighters on standby each day, ready to respond at any time. 

CFA Commander Wayne Aylmer commended participating volunteers for being generous with their time during the holiday period, to keep the community safe.

“This program supports Lorne Fire Brigade through a period when the brigade members are heavily committed to their businesses and work commitments and the population in the town grows significantly,” he said.

The outsourced volunteers are primarily committed to urban response and smaller incidents such as children locked in cars, car accidents, campfires or barbecue incidents.

“Members from the local brigade will still continue responding, however this arrangement will provide them with much-needed support to deal with the increase in demand.

“We always appreciate the ongoing commitment of our volunteers to keep their communities safe.”



Image: CFA Volunteers assisting Lorne (Supplied, left to right): Billy Trezise (Bannockburn), Jess Tate (Bannockburn), Will Key (Grovedale), Nick Wojcik (Belmont).