Weather warning: Hot days ahead

Lui Zacher
January 13, 2023 / 11:04 pm


The temperature across the state is set to soar today as a heatwave rolls across from South Australia.

While Geelong may be spared temperatures in the high 30s, Lara, Avalon and Werribee are all tipped to hit 36 or higher.

And after a brief respite of 20 degrees forecast for Sunday, Geelong will see temperatures soar back up to the mid-thirties on Tuesday before another cool change on Wednesday with temperatures back in the teens.

With the high temperatures comes the familiar warning to not leave kids or pets in cars on hot days 

Ambulance Victoria is concerned that the message, despite being regularly broadcast, is still not sinking in.

Head of Emergency at Ambulance Victoria Justin Dunlop said the number of rescues already conducted this year is staggering

Image: © Bureau of Meteorology 2023