School board member steps aside during abuse court hearing

Lui Zacher
April 6, 2023 / 11:26 pm

kardinia international college 07042023

As a school faces Supreme Court hearings into alleged abuse two decades ago, a board member has stepped aside.

John Goodfellow was Kardinia International College’s first principal, when the school launched in 1995, staying in the role until 2015 when he retired.

There are no allegations against Mr Goodfellow, however, two statements of claim suggest he should have known there was a risk of sexual abuse.

The statements do not explicitly claim Mr Goodfellow knew of the alleged incidents.

Mr Goodfellow’s decision to step aside was explained in a letter to parents and guardians of students at Kardinia International College.

Chair of the College’s board Yoshihisa Katsumata said in the letter issued on Friday that the decision was voluntary on Mr Goodfellow’s behalf.

“The board is confident that Mr Goodfellow, as the college’s founding principal and a current board member, shares the college’s commitment to the care, safety and welfare of students”

“Despite this, Mr Goodfellow has volunteered to temporarily step aside from his board responsibilities whilst the court proceedings – which are against the college, and not Mr Goodfellow – are ongoing.”

Two former students allege they were abused by former teacher Nicholas Frampton in 2004, while it’s understood another student was allegedly abused by a second teacher.