Ex-Cat alleges historic sexual abuse

Lui Zacher
April 7, 2023 / 10:26 pm

aberdeen house 08042023

A prominent Indigenous Elder has filed Supreme Court action against the Geelong Football Club, accusing a trio of players of historic gang-rape.

The Herald Sun reports the man, now in his 50s, believes the Club failed to protect him from sexual abuse.

The ex-player claims he was in his late teens when he was cornered in the shower at the club’s Aberdeen House, a residence for country recruits. 

Geelong Football Club purchased the property in 1963 when the club won the premiership, and held on to it until the late 1990s.

The allegations date back to the 1980s

A lawyer representing the man Angela Di Carluccio told the paper the man wants to remain unnamed 

“My client has shown a lot of courage and strength in coming forward about his abuse”

“He is a proud and well respected Indigenous man who has fought hard in his life to overcome his trauma and to contribute positively to his community”

The writ, filed in the Supreme Court and also served to the Geelong Cats Football Club, alleges the club “failed to protect minors from abuse, to separate minors from adults at Aberdeen House, to supervise the house parent and provide channels to report incidents ” according to the Sun

A spokesperson for the Club said they wouldn’t be commenting.