“Superload” trundles along Geelong streets

Lui Zacher
May 15, 2023 / 10:41 am


A “superload” dubbed on the smaller end of the scale has passed through Geelong without a hiccup 

The supersize load was driven through the streets of Geelong as it made its way from Geelong Port on a 224km journey to Tarrone.

Though the width of the “superload” isn’t massive, (only 4.5m wide) the length (78m) and weight (372 tonnes) meant it was required to crawl at around 5km/h while two prime movers pulled and three more pushed around corners or over bridges.


The route through Geelong took in St Georges Road, Cox Road, and Anakie Road before the superload reached the Geelong Ring Road, then continued along the Princes Highway en route to Cobden where it parked up for the night.


The remainder of the journey takes place Monday night.


Images: Supplied