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  • Where have you been all my life?
    Or at least the last two years… I can’t believe I’ve let this site dwindle. Okay, I kinda can, I’ve been busy. I landed a job at the end of 2020, and tackled it head-on. Combine the workload of a new job and adjusting to an ever-changing roster and lifestyle, building a new home, COVID […]
  • 2020… was awesome
    Okay, hear me out. 2020 tested us, pushed us to our limits, and at times we thought “oh well, it can’t get much worse”… only to get much worse. But we got through it (almost) I might be looking a little through rose coloured glasses, I recently was offered a job which is absolutely perfect […]
  • Movember 2020
    [[Confronting post, topics include cancer, suicide and mental health]] Friends, family, and all those weirdos still lurking my website, I have a favour to ask. We have all been through just about the hardest period of our lives. We are almost there, but one of my most important times of the year is here. Tonight […]
  • Current Resume
  • My first 30 days of being 30
    Thanks to my sister for making my isolation birthday a little more interesting this year. Reaching the landmark of being 30, she decided to make it into a month-long celebration, with small presents and messages from family and friends over a whole month.